by Nat Ireson

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released 20 April 2014



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Track Name: VERTIGO
postural instability, double vision vomiting,
instinctual muscle memory ruined,
whirling notion, vestibular tomb,
degenerative neurologic, motion sickness
mechanical disorder, diagonal shiftiness
labyrinth of the inner ear, cyclonic tremors
vertigo severe

falling against the wall, what a great hit parade….
traumatized disorientation , so prevalent in these days
a wolf in sheep's clothing, does not howl to be found
lock the door and clime the latter under the ground

spinning backwards falling down, in the hallway on the ground,
spiraled spectrum peripheral drown , make it to the door then down
parallel bars, nasa's mission to mars, balancing on my feet, marveling defeat, aliening out my eyes, complete and utter despise
staggering threw the door, who could ask for more

get on the merry go round, come on baby do the twist….
trying to converge, two images, for three dimension
difficult instability, whirling motion rotation
permanent, Labyrinthitis makes the world go round